It's Not Just About The Litters: Why You Need To Have Your Cats Desexed

If you have cats that have not been desexed, you owe it to yourself to schedule the appointment. You might think that desexing is only important if you want to prevent unwanted pregnancies, but that's not the case. Cat desexing provides benefits that you might not have considered. Here are four of those benefits. 

Reduce Odor

If you catch a whiff of cat urine each time you walk into your house, no matter how clean you keep the litter box, desexing can help. You might not realise this, but the urine from intact cats is much stronger than the urine from those that have been desexed. That's because cats use urine odor to attract other cats. Luckily, desexing your cats will reduce the odor, leaving your home with a fresher scent. Not only that, but the reduced odor will also reduce the cat traffic in your yard. Once the odor is eliminated, strays won't be attracted to your cats. 

Eliminate Spraying

If you have male cats, you know that they spray their territory. However, you might not realise that females spray their territory as well. This is especially true for intact cats. Unfortunately, spraying can cause serious problems in your home. First, the spraying leaves your home saturated with urine. Second, the spraying serves as a notice for other cats in the neighbourhood. If you're tired of dealing with spraying, have your cats desexed as soon as possible. In most cases, desexing will reduce or eliminate your cat's need to spray. 

Stop the Aggression

If your cats have not been desexed, you may notice that they get more aggressive during certain times of the month. In some cases, the additional aggression won't pose a problem. However, if you have more than one cat, the aggression can cause serious problems, especially when the aggression leads to fights. Not only that, but your cats may act more aggressively towards you or towards your children. One way to stop the aggression is to have your cats desexed right away. Desexing can put an end to aggressive behaviour. 

End the Caterwauling

If your peace and quiet is interrupted by the sounds of caterwauling each time one of your cats goes into heat, it's time to have them desexed. You might not know this, but caterwauling is a way to attract prospective partners who might be nearby. Unfortunately, the caterwauling can become quite loud and annoying, which is where desexing comes into the picture. Once your cats are desexed, the caterwauling will come to an end.