How A Veterinary Hospital Is Different To Your Regular Vet And Why That Matters

Animals are a constant source of joy and entertainment for those lucky enough to have the space and resources to keep them happy. Unfortunately, just like their human owners, pets get sick, suffer chronic conditions, or sustain an injury that requires urgent medical attention. You might assume that your regular vet has all the proper equipment to keep your pet alive and make them better but, depending on the severity of the problem, that is not always true. That is why you should know where your closest veterinary hospital is at all times.

More Equipment

Even the best decked out veterinary clinic or practice cannot compete with the amount of dedicated resources that a veterinary hospital has. All veterinary hospitals will have x-rays, operating theatres (generally more than one as well), special tools for more unique pets and enough medication to cure anything that comes through the front door. Your local vet is great for routine check-ups, vaccinations, diagnosing issues and minor operations, but it is no substitute for a veterinary hospital and doesn't claim to be. The two work in tandem, and often, vets will refer you to a hospital if they think the case is serious enough.

Longer Care

A veterinary hospital, much like a real hospital, can monitor your pet's condition over several days or even weeks if necessary. They have designated rooms with plenty of food, toys and bedding to keep any pet happy. This gives your pet a much greater chance of survival because when they are at the most vulnerable, such as recovering from surgery or trying a new form of medication, they are right next to veterinary experts. If something goes wrong, they can be treated quicker and in a much more sterile and secure environment, which gives them the maximum chance of survival. 

More Staff

When you visit your local vet, there are probably only two or perhaps three people working there at any one time. That is more than enough to do the procedures that are required of them, but it is not enough to provide specialised care during surgeries or treatment plans. It also means there are not a lot of specialists that operate as regular vets, and you will find most of these life-saving experts operating out of a veterinary hospital. This means that your pet can get quicker, more thorough care because of the sheer number of employees who are all trained to a very high standard.